Custom Design Wax Seal

Custom Design Wax Seal

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These wax seals are made for easy & mess free application. No mekting involved, they're ready to peel and stick onto your next invitation or project!

We do require a minimum order of 50 wax seals. Ordering less than 50 may result in additional fees after checkout. 

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We're SO excited to launch these wax seals! Add to cart to get your custom design in any of the 72 color options. Once an order is placed, we will order with you to make your custom design. If you have something specific in mind to make sure it is something we can do, however we should be able to make it work. Please note though, we do not copy other designs. There is a form to fill out when ordering--we simple need to know the size, adhesive, color and style you would like!

SIZE: The size pictured is 0.75 inch seals. Seals come in 0.75 or 1.00 seals, other sizes available upon request. 

Adhesive: Seals are available in two adhesives, Professional grade or Resealable. If you plan to use these on envelope to mail, select the Professional Grade adhesive. Removeable is great for sealing a pocket invitation!

Color: Choose from 72 colors listed at the end of the pictures!

Style: There are 3 styles available:

Modern: Straight, nearly perfectly round (shown)

Organic: Each seal will look different, and have a more irregular edge

Artisan: Each seal will look different, and have a very irregular edge. Please note these are more expensive than organic and modern styles.

Minimum of 50 required for custom orders.  

Images of color options were generously provided by Wax Seals at