Lace Cut Pockets - Pocket and Flap

Lace Cut Pockets - Pocket and Flap


This listing is for A7 laser cut pockets only. It does not include the invitation, belly band, printed pieces, or envelopes. 

Please note that these particular pockets are in the "Lace" laser cut design, and will be ordered with both the pocket and flap being laser cut. Refer to pictures for "Lace" pattern and placement of the laser cut design. 

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Pockets are available in over 100 paper colors, even some metallic. If you are looking for a particular color, visit our color swatch listing here:

We can order the pockets in any color, however I do not recommend light colors for Laser cut invitations. During the Laser cutting process, something called Hazing occurs. Due to the heat of the laser, it results in a darkening/discoloration of light paper colors.

You can expect to receive your laser cut pockets within 10 - 15 business days of placing an order.