Choosing your Wedding Invitation Style


Things to consider when choosing your invitation style…


Choosing a style for your wedding is the first place you should start. You may have a picture in mind when you think of your big day, or maybe you have a Pinterest board full of ideas for your dream wedding you can refer to. It’s helpful to start researching as early as possible to establish an overall theme so that you (or your wedding planner) can get started on planning your best day ever!


Once you have done some research, see if there’s a trend that stands out with what you’ve picked out. When choosing a theme, it may help to consider the location of your wedding. Are you getting married on a beach? Are you planning a traditional church wedding? Do you plan to have a DIY country wedding in a barn? Thinking about your venue may help you narrow it down to a couple of different invitation styles.


Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a theme is during which season you plan to get married. If you plan to throw an elegant, formal Winter or Fall wedding, you might choose a fancier, more detailed invitation style such as an intricate lace laser cut pocket. If you plan to host a casual, laid back outdoor Spring or Summer wedding, you might opt for a simple, yet unique invitation. 


One of the more obvious factors you will likely consider is a budget for your wedding and for your invitations. If you plan to host a low-key, casual wedding, an invitation that is simple and classic  might best fit your style. If your big day is formal and one-of-a-kind, an elegant pocket invitation would likely match your theme. As you begin to explore various invitation styles, establish a budget on what you are willing to pay, whether your invitations be simple or fancy.


When choosing an invitation style, decide if you will need inserts to go along with a formal invitation. The number of inserts is determined by the number of events you plan to host on your special day, along with the information you need your guests to know. If you have wedding guests traveling from afar, you will likely reserve room block(s) at a local hotel and include this information on an insert. Information about your wedding registry can also be featured on an insert along with a wedding website if you have one for your special day! Some weddings require multiple inserts, for example, if you plan to host events before or after the wedding, such as a dinner or brunch. Some couples choose to list information regarding wedding details and RSVP on a wedding website instead of including a traditional wedding insert, which is another option to keep in mind depending on your style, theme and budget for wedding invites.

Invitation Styles

Digital Download Invitations

A classic-style wedding invitation is a versatile option that can fit almost any theme! If you plan to host a casual wedding, this style might best fit your needs. This is also an ideal style for those who plan to forego inserts with details and RSVP information, although this invitation style can incorporate inserts if needed. Affordable and made to be printed at home or locally with our DIY brides in mind!


Pocket Invitations

If you plan to utilize a details insert, RSVP insert or multiple inserts, a pocket-style invitation would be a good fit depending on your preference and wedding style. If your wedding is more casual than it is formal, you might choose a basic pocket. If your wedding is more fancy, you might choose an intricate lace laser cut pocket to go with your theme.


Laser Cut Invitations

If you want your wedding invitation to foreshadow your elegant and lavish event, you might go with a detailed laser cut invitation. This style is best suited for a more formal event. This will let your guests know what to expect for your big day! Laser cut invitations can even incorporate a pocket with an intricate lace design!


Glitter Invitations

You might choose to incorporate glitter into your overall theme and wedding invitations. Glitter adds extra detail and sparkle to any invitation whether it be simple or fancy! Glitter can be incorporated on a mat, belly band, envelope liner, or on all three!


If you’re still unsure of the perfect style for your wedding invitations, take our quiz on which wedding invitation style best fits your special day!

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