Wedding Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs. Driver

It has been a year since Kelsey and Dallas tied the knot, but their classic, vintage wedding is one we’re still obsessing over. The couple said their “I Do’s” amongst their many family and friends in a beautiful church which has some seriously stunning stained glass. Their reception was held in a historical, Romanesque style building, that perfectly emulated their elegant wedding theme. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing venue choices, every detail of the Drivers’ day was carefully thought out. See why we love this wedding so much in the photos below, and learn more about the Drivers’ love story from the Bride’s point-of-view.


How did you meet?

Dallas was from Andover, I went to Rose Hill growing up, which are about 11 miles apart. My cousin and best friend went to Andover also, so I knew a lot of people there. Dallas and I always knew who each other were but never actually met. When we played college basketball, he played at Fort Scott and I played at Hutch, so we frequently saw each other, but never spoke. Dallas did attempt to talk to me on facebook once, but I was in a relationship so I didn’t respond. A couple years after all of this, we ran into each other at Piano Bar in Wichita and hit it off. We went on our first date about one week later.

How has your love for golf played a part in your relationship?

Ooooh golf. Golf does play a part in our relationship. Every person in my family played, except me. When I met Dallas and realized he loved golf, I decided to get a pair of clubs and learn to play! It is something we love to do together, except I tend to quit after nine holes about half the time and just drive the cart and drink beer. Dallas is a fantastic golfer and I love to watch him play!

When did you know Dallas was the one?

I pretty much knew from the moment I met Dallas that I wanted to spend my life with him. He makes me laugh constantly. We value the same things. He has a huge heart and I love his love for family. He continues to surprise me everyday and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Tell us about the proposal...

I had a feeling that when Dallas would propose, he would make it a private thing. I was right! On Valentine’s Day was the day I would expect it the least, so I was completely surprised. We went to On the Border for dinner, which is where our first date was. After dinner he was telling me that he had to go wash his truck before he left town in the morning. I was not happy about this because I just wanted to relax and spend the rest of valentines day hanging out. So, he left and when he came back he called our dog Rocky into the room. Rocky had a different collar on so it drew my eye to it. Dangling on his collar was a ring. I just started crying, he got down on one knee and proposed! (after the fact, I found out Dallas actually left because he wanted to go call my older brothers for their blessing, good thing they said yes!)


Style & Accessories:

I would describe the style of our wedding as classic/vintage. Our ceremony was at Eastminister Presbyterian Church with beautiful stained glass and our reception was at The Scottish Rite building, which is an old vintage building with high ceilings, dark wood and a beautiful staircase entrance.

My shoes were gold glittered/beaded 4 inch heels, which were surprisingly very comfortable. At the reception I wore Converse that were “blinged out” by my MOH.

The earrings I wore were pearls that I borrowed from my mom. The necklace I wore were my grandmothers pearls, which were simple, yet beautiful. I wanted something simple so it didn’t take away from my dress.

Something borrowed: My mom’s pearl earrings

Something new: My shoes

Something blue: Garter with a blue jewel

Something old: Grandmother’s pearls

What is something untraditional that you are happy you did on your wedding day?

Something untraditional we did was we had a first look instead of waiting until the ceremony to see each other. I wanted to do this because I wanted almost all of our photos done at the Scottish Rite and to be pretty much finished, so after the ceremony we could just relax and have a good time. This also helped prevent any delays for dinner to keep the guests happy.



For our floral arrangements we used Stems out of Wichita, KS. They did a FANTASTIC job. I was totally in love with our arrangements. We went with a variation of pinks and corals with some dusty greens added in. My bouquet was the same as the bridesmaids, except mine was much larger and we added in david austin roses, which are my favorite. For our centerpieces we used five tall crystal chandeliers, we had medium sized centerpieces with floral arrangements and then small floral arrangements with candles around them.



CZ invitation is so awesome, I had at least 20 people message me when they started receiving their invitations about how beautiful they were! 

What was one of your favorite memories?

I think if I had to choose one moment, it would be walking in to the reception. We felt so much love and support from all of our friends and family. It is a pretty amazing feeling to see all the people that came on our wedding day to celebrate with us.


What advice do you have for future brides?

If you can afford it, or have a family member volunteer, GET A WEDDING PLANNER. My mom was my wedding planner and it took soooo much stress off of me. I also in not the biggest planning fan, so this was perfect for me. If you do not want to hire a wedding planner, at least have someone for the day of the wedding to help organize things and keep things moving so you and your family can relax and enjoy the fun.

Photographer: Joshua Ayers Photography • Flowers: Stems • Venue: Scottish Rite • Invitations: CZ Invitations  • Church: East Minster  • DJ: Black Tie Affairs • Bridesmaid Dresses: Dress Gallery • Cake: Cake Affairs • Dress: Bella Rose Bridal