About CZ Invitations

In October of 2013, I got engaged. A few months down the line, I had a difficult time deciding on which wedding invitations would be perfect for my special day. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the only way the invitations would be exactly what I wanted was if I made them myself.  My mom, a graphic designer, made my vision into a reality in a matter of hours, and we both really enjoyed the process.

At first, my mom and I disagreed on minor things for my invitation design, but eventually settled on a design. However, it was during this planning process that getting all the supplies in the right colors and sizes was harder than we had once thought. For instance, at one point we were messing around with different invitation sizes. Some of the invitations turned out so obscure that we just had to laugh through it until we managed to master the art of invitation sizing.

After I graduated with a business degree in entrepreneurship, I struggled to find a job. I knew I didn't want to be apart of a huge organization with a suffocating corporate culture, it just wasn't for me. I applied for dozens of jobs, but I didn't actually want any of them. After months of looking for the perfect job, I realized I was never going to find it. I spent the bulk of my college career writing business plans and learning how to operate my own business. I knew I wanted to be my own boss.

My mom sent me an email one day that said, "Let's put your business degree and my graphic design experience together and start a business." I still find it funny she emailed that to me, because we text and talk constantly, and I stopped by her house to visit with her nearly every day. I liked the idea, though.

I spent a couple of months looking at Etsy, figuring out how we were going to get started, what we would be named, etc. After months of research, we opened our Etsy shop in February of 2015.

Fast forward two and a half years and here we are in July of 2017. When I started, I would have never thought we would grow to where we are today. On May 1st, we signed a lease with a new office space. Until now we had been crammed into a tiny, but cozy home office. We now have 810 sq./ft. for my mom, our six employees, a couple friends and I to spread out and work. SIX employees. My goal for 2017 was to hire one, and here I am essentially hiring one per month. Today, we are excited to share the launch of our new website with you. I could not be more grateful for the growth we have experienced in the last two years. I would not be where I am today without the support from you all, my mother’s partnership and continued guidance, and a little bit of faith. Again, thank you and I am looking forward to the future of CZ Invitations LLC.


So who are we? We're just a mother and daughter making your invitaitons dreams come true.

If you're looking for invitations, we would love to help! Here are a couple things to know about us:

  • We love custom orders. To be quite honest, doing the same invitations over and over again can be pretty mundane. We'd love to make something that is special to your style and ideas.

  • These things take time. We always work as quickly as we can, but please allow ample time for us to get you proofs, edits, and prints. We do have lots of clients, and during our busy season we have our hands full.

  • We will never copy other peoples’ designs. I sometimes get sent pictures of invitations with a message asking me to make that invitation. My suggestion? Order it from that company! They have worked hard on that design and if you love it give them your business. If you're showing it to me for the sake of colors, yes, 100% let’s work on these together. But I will never take someone else’s ideas and say they are mine.

  • Everything is handmade with love. We spend hours to days on your invitations. Each invitation is looked at individually after printing to ensure you are getting the best quality of paper and print job. We pull out any bad ones and re-print. For assembly, we have anywhere from 1-5 people putting these babies together.

  • We love feedback. Good, bad, suggestions or ideas, send it our way! We want to improve but we can't read minds. We have been fortunate to receive so many positive reviews and be named one of TheKnot.com 2017 Best of Weddings! Feedback helps us as a business know what we are doing well and what we can work on. Reviews help potential clients get a sense of what we're all about and what they can expect when ordering their invitations.

We have big plans for 2017, stay tuned!

Carley Zuercher