Getting a Quote

Ask for a quote anytime! You can request a quote via message on etsy, chat on our website, or via email at In your inquiry, please include: Quantity, Style (if you have a link, that’s even better!), items you need included, and the date that you need them by. Please also note if you are interested in Do-it-yourself assembly or other discounts.

Ordering Samples

You can order a sample on our website or Etsy by simply purchasing the invitation you are interested in. We will send you a sample just as pictured online! Unfortunately, we are not able to customize samples. We are able to send free color swatches though! Make a note on your order, or order swatches from our website.

Wedding Invitation Deposit
from 50.00
Start your order!

Placing an Order

ONLY ONE (1) DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO START YOUR ORDER. Do not put the number of invites needed under quantity 🙂 Upon clicking "Start your order," you will be prompted with our order form. Once this is filled out, you can complete the purchase by proceeding to your cart. Rush is optional and the additional fee is not applied to your order.

Whenever you’re ready to get started, you can purchase the deposit on our website or Etsy. Our deposit is only $50, and that gets you started working with our designer one-on-one. Just purchase the deposit you see right here!


Within seven business days of filling out the form and purchasing the deposit, you will receive your first round of proofs. Most of the time, you will receive proofs in just a couple of days.

After seeing your invitation proofs, you may have changes. You will work with our designer, Ashlyn, to make changes until they're perfect. We know this may take a couple of proofs, especially if you're wanting to see different fonts or colors, that's why we offer unlimited proofs.

Once you think the proofs are good to go, we will upload the proofs to the Client Portal for your final approval. We will send you an email with the form to approve them. Final Proofs will be uploaded to the portal when they are ready.

Here are the main things you need to know about the payments:

1. We require half to be paid to order paper

2. We require it to be paid in full prior to printing

About half way through the process, you will receive a reminder email with a specified due date for the first payment. If you have any issue with the date, please contact us and we can adjust accordingly. You're always able to make payments prior to that, or break it up over as many payment as you would like! Ten days before your needed by date, the invoice should be paid in full. This allows us time to print, assemble, and ship.


Do it Yourself Assembly

All the sample priced you see online are for the assembled price. You will not have to glue anything if you choose the assembled price! If you’re a DIY kinda person, here is some info on that!

What does it entail?
We send you the printed invitation, and you mount it onto the glitter mat, and then into the pocket. For the belly band, we send you the belly bands and pre-cut medallions. Then all you have to do is wrap the band and stick on the medallion.

Do I have to cut anything?
No! Invitations, mats, bands, and medallions are all cut to size, so all you have to do is glue them together! 

Will you recommend Products for DIY assembly?
Yes! We have products we will recommend + we will provide a detailed guide so you can go into assembly confident!

Please note that all envelope liners are DIY unless upgraded. You can easily glue these in with a glue stick or use double stick tape to avoid the mess. Some people just slide them in without assembly, and that's fine too! 

Coming soon (hopefully by the time your invitations are done!) we will have an assembly tutorial that we can share for you. If you're interested in that, please ask if it's available! You can easily find envelope liner tutorials by searching on YouTube!

Client Portal

Once we have your portal set up, you will be able to access things such as payments, forms, emails, proofs, and more!

We will send you an email with a link to the portal and your log in information. Once you're logged in, you will see different tabs. If you have any forms that need to be filled out, they will appear when you log in. Initially, your portal may just have your invoice, but we will update it over time! 

You will have at least two forms to complete on the portal, the color confirmation and the final proof approval. 

For all important forms and payments, we will send you reminder emails. These may be automated emails or personalized emails, but we will always remind you when those are due!

Additional things you may find on your portal:

  • Quote

  • DIY guide (if applicable)

  • Additional forms and contracts (if applicable)

  • A welcome packet to refer back to

  • Any other documents that we think maybe helpful to you!

You can visit our Instagram and watch our story for a walk through. 



We do offer return and guest addressing for any order. Guest addressing is $0.85, and return addressing is $0.35. With the purchase of guest addressing, we do offer complimentary return addressing printed on the front of the A7 envelope. 

For guest addressing, we send you an excel file to fill all your guests' names and addresses in. We do require that they are in a specific Excel format, however if you already have them set up in your own excel file, please send it over and we can see if it will work before you redo the whole thing! 

Wax Seals

Custom Wax Seals are a unique and elegant way to seal an envelope or add embellishment to invitations. We offer the following wax seals:

Adhesive seals (no mess, ready to stick!)

  • Professional Grade Adhesive for mailing

  • Removable Adhesives, great for sealing a pocket! Can be re-sealed up to 6 times

Wax Seal Equipment for making your own seals

  •  Sealing Wax Sticks and Beads

  • Sealing Spoons

  • Brass Wax Seal Stamps

We can add as many inserts to your suite as you need! Small and Large inserts are $0.60 each, X-small inserts (business card size) are $0.30 each.

Envelope Liners
Envelope liners can be added to any order. Liners (DIY) start at $0.50 each, and we can do solid colors, glitter, metallic, and printed.

Other upgrades available upon request!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take start to finish?
Orders take on average 6-8 weeks. This includes proofs, printing, and assembly.

Can I rush my order?
Absolutely! Check for availability. Please note, the quickest we are able to complete a full order during our busy season is 3 weeks. Rush orders do require a minimum rush order fee. The rush fee will depend on the size of the order, time of production, design/pieces of the invitation, as well as our current work load.

Can I change the wording on the invitation or insert cards?
Always. When filling out the form, specify any wording changes you would like to make and we will apply to proofs accordingly. There is no additional charge to change wording.

Can I change the font?
Yes. We have a font list we can send upon request. Changing fonts is always FREE! We believe you shouldn't have to pay for something so simple. Check out our fonts here!

Is this invitation available in other colors?
Yes, changing colors is always FREE! All of our invitations are come in any of our 130 paper and envelope colors. For glitter and mirror papers, we offer Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. All glitter and mirror colors are available in mats, belly bands, and envelope liners. See our colors here!

Can I customize what comes in a set?

You can! If you don't need the additional insert, there is no reason you should have to pay for it. If you want to add on wax seals or envelope liners to a basic set, you got it! The sets you see online are popular options, but we can add or remove items to better fit your needs and budget.

Are you Ready?

If you’re looking for invitations that are not cookie cutter and everything above sounds like a good fit for you, LET’S DO THIS! We’re ready to help make your dream invitations a reality. Let us know below what you’re looking for and we’ll get this started for you! Grab that desposit you saw at the top, or fill out the form if you have any questions!