Glitter Invitations

The Results are in! Your perfect invitation is GLITTER! 

You've been working hard to plan this soirée. You love things that shine! Whether it's a huge formal affair or an intimate gathering, your wedding will have glitz, glamour and without a doubt be memorable. Everything at your wedding is going to be radiant, and your guests will surely be impressed!

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130 envelope colors + 3 Glitter Colors

Our envelopes are available in 130+ colors and our Glitter invitations come in three glitter colors; Silver, Gold and Rose Gold (all pictured above) 

+ This glitter paper is no shed paper which means absolutely no mess for you or your guests. 

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DIY Discounts 

All the pricing you see on our website is the assembled price. If you're crafty or want to save a buck where you can, we offer DIY that are $0.75+ off each invitation. Should you choose to assemble them yourself, we have adhesive recommendations and instructions to make the process a little easier. 

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Unlimited Proofs

We're not going to charge you for every little change in color, font, wording, etc. Why? Because we wouldn't want to be charged for those things. The industry standard is three proofs, and then additional charges for edits. What if you want to see a couple different fonts? Then you have to pay another $25+? No, not with us. 

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